Sticky Chicken w C'est Tout - Dwayne Guidry Breaux Bridge

1 chicken cut up

6 Tablespoons C’est Tout Dried Trinity Mix

Cooking oil to cover the bottom of the pot

1 tsp sugar

Cajun seasoning to taste


Add enough oil to cover the bottom of the pot then add 1 tsp sugar

Add 6 Tablespoons C’est Tout Trinity Mix to 2 cups water and set aside.

Heat oil on medium high heat until hot

Season chicken and add to hot oil( you may have do do this in batches) turning as one side browns.

As the sugar caramelizes it will brown the chicken to a beautiful brown.

Once all chicken pieces are browned remove from pot and add C’est Tout Dried Trinity Mix

Cook until wilted stiring occasionally and scraping the bottom of the pot( I use a wooden spatula for this)

Once wilted add chicken and enough water to almost cover chicken.

Bring to a boil lower heat to medium low and cover.

Cook for about 1 1/2 hours. Uncover bring back up to a light boil and cook down till gravy thicknesses your preference. Skim off excess oil bring seasoning and salt up to taste. Serve over rice.

The purpose of the sugar is not to sweeten but to caramelize and brown the chicken.


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