Authentic Cajun Seasoning

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You'll Love C'est Tout... We Guarantee It!

If you know Cajun cooking, you know the Cajun Trinity.  Onions, Bell Peppers, and Celery.  From Gumbo to Jambalaya, to Étouffée, you can't cook cajun without the Trinity.  At C'est Tout, we wanted to enjoy all of the flavors and taste, without all of the hassle and waste. So, we developed a proprietary drying technique that makes Cajun cooking fast, simple and fun! Our delicious Cajun Trinity Mix is so good, that if you're unhappy for any reason, simply return the empty bottle for a full refund. One taste and you'll know... This is Cajun!

One Jar is Equal to Five Cups of Fresh Vegetables

Imagine having the equivalent of five cups of your favorite Cajun Trinity sitting on the shelf! They tell us that C'est Tout has a shelf life of two years, but we highly doubt a jar will go that long without being eaten. So, what are you waiting for? That gumbo isn't going to season itself.

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From Dried to Delicious in Just 2 Minutes

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Every recipe needs C'est Tout Dried Trinity Mix!!!

Mindy L. New Orleans, LA

Gumbo, Étouffée, my gravy, and even spaghetti. This is the best stuff!

Donna S. Lafayette, LA

It's so easy and saves so much time. Also, very delicious!  Get you some! 

Sabrina H. Richmond, VA

You have to try this mix! It's fantastic! I use it all the time!!

Jennifer C. Mire, Louisiana

Love this stuff!

Paula R. Omaha, Nebraska