The Story of C'est Tout

If you’ve ever been to Louisiana, you know that we Cajuns love great food. In fact, there’s nothing quite like it anywhere in the world. Among the favorites are étouffée, gumbo, and, of course, jambalaya. All of these dishes have one thing in common: The Cajun Trinity.

Now, the Cajun Trinity, or the Cajun Holy Trinity, is a perfect mix of onions, celery, and green bell peppers. Put together, they create one of the incredible flavors of Cajun Cuisine.

As a Cajun cook, I always tried to have the Cajun Trinity at hand, but keeping fresh vegetables at home isn’t always practical… and I grow many of my own!

The problem was that I always needed the Cajun Trinity at hand, but I didn’t always have fresh veggies. Even when I did, they often went bad before I had the chance to use them.

Then one day, in my own kitchen, I found the solution! I had more fresh veggies from my garden than I could possibly use before they went bad. So, I took delicious yellow onions, green onions, celery, as well as green and red bell peppers, mixed them in perfect proportions, and dehydrated them. 

The result was a perfect blend of seasoning vegetables that no true Cajun could live without. They rehydrate in just two minutes in water or stock, and create a perfect base for my favorite dishes. It worked so well, that I shared it with my friends, and before long, they shared it with their friends, and soon, I was getting requests from people all over with offers to buy my Cajun Trinity Mix.

I knew why they liked it – it was finally easy to have the taste of fresh ingredients without the trip to the grocery store, and without the hassle! I started putting them in bottles and sending them out… people were amazed that each jar held the equivalent of five full cups of fresh vegetables! To prepare, all of you had to do was just add liquid – that’s all!

“That’s all.” Seemed like a good name, but I’m Cajun, so “that’s all” didn’t quite do. That’s why I call it C’est Tout!

The rest, as they say is history. What ended up being a great idea quickly became a business, and now we’re shipping C’est Tout all over the country, and we’re hearing from new fans who are enjoying the Cajun Trinity in every corner of the United States. 

If you haven’t had C’est Tout, all I ask is that you give us a try, and let me know what you think. We love hearing from our customers, and certainly appreciate your support.

Happy cooking, and let me know if you need any of my secret recipes to try out C’est Tout!


Dreux Barra

Chief Chopping Officer

C’est Tout


  • Mona Coulter

    So proud of you Dreux!!! have 2 containers at all times in my house—Thanks so much for making this happen for us busy ladies- Mona

  • C'est Tout

    Hi Sandra! We are not available in stores. You can buy C’est Tout right here at, or on our Facebook store. If you’re unhappy for any reason, simply return the empty bottle to us for a full refund. We look forward to hearing what you think!

  • Rita LeDoux

    I made a gumbo today since the temperature is below 70! I brought some to my daughter and her husband. A few minutes ago, I received a text from her saying it was one of my best gumbos ever (I’m 74 and have made a few of those!) and I can’t help believe that it’s because of the C’est Tout that I used!!!! I just put it in my pot, add water and let it sit for a bit, turn the burner on and pretty soon, those wonderful vegetables are sauteeing and smelling good in the house! People say that, when you want to sell your house, you should bake chocolate chip cookies. I disagree…I think you should just saute some C’est Tout for its inviting bouquet!

  • Sandra S Cormier

    Where can I find it at every grocery store

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