C'est Tout with Garlic on the Horizon!!!

We are in the test kitchen working on the next version of C'est Tout! C'est Tout with Garlic!!! You the customers,  have been asking since the launch when we would have a Garlic version and we have reached the point where we are ready to make it happen! As we understand, those that like garlic, LOVE GARLIC! So with that in mind, we are sourcing from some of the most fragrant, taste exploding, garlic providers out there. We are testing size, shape, taste, presentation all to ensure that we deliver a great product that hits the mark! Thank you all for your support and comments! Follow us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/CestToutMix/  Merci! See our web site at www.thisiscajun.com Until next time!! 


Dreux Barra

Chief Chopping Officer

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